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  1. Ah snap. I used to like 1-up. They are closing it now. I'll try to invite someone before it dies.



    The corporate version:
    Today, Ziff-Davis announced that as part of a restructuring of its new property IGN Entertainment, three of IGN's smaller secondary sites -- namely, 1UP.com, Gamespy.com, and UGO.com -- would be "winding down." As is often the case with such reorganizations, some of 1UP's staff was laid off while others will be moving over to work as contributors at IGN.com. No timeline was given for 1UP's closure or if its servers would continue to run indefinitely.

    The human version:
    As of today, 1UP will be entering the sunset into which all former websites eventually must ride. This comes as huge disappointment for me -- not because I'm editor-in-chief of the site, but because I've been with it since the beginning. That's nearly 10 years of my life invested in this website through all its ups and downs... and ups... and dooooowwwwwns.

    It's been a fantastic (almost) 10 years. Even in its most frustrating and even dispiriting moments (there were some pretty dark times before IGN bought us in 2011), 1UP has always been fueled by the sincere enthusiasm of everyone writing for the site. Dozens upon dozens of people have moved through the various doors of our assorted offices, and each of them brought passion and talent to their work. I'm proud to have been a part of something so much larger than myself, and to help guide it as gracefully as possible to its slow halt since taking over the role left behind by my predecessors, Sam Kennedy and James Mielke.

    Read through the site's archives and you'll find some truly amazing content. In-depth interviews with legendary developers, insanely detailed explorations of the niche and obscure, brilliant coverage of the top news of the day. You'll find revolutionary video programs and trendsetting podcasts. Incisive reviews and comprehensive blogs. God, there's so much here we need to archive in case someone does pull the plug on the servers.

    But most of all, 1UP has always been fueled by passionate readers. No, you guys are more than readers -- you're participants. You've called in for podcasts, shaken our hands at trade shows and conventions, flagged us down on the street, berated us in comments, and chimed in to express your own take on the topics of the day. 1UP has played a huge role over the years in changing the perception and nature of the gaming press from broadcast to conversation. And the outpouring of memories and affection today on forums, on Twitter, and in our blogs has only served to reinforce the impact 1UP has had on countless people. You guys are awesome.
  2. DRE


    After reading this blog. It seems like a lot of bloggers do not like forums for whatever reason.
  3. This site doesn't feel like a forum tho.

    More like a club. :ponder:
  4. When's the last time you seen a bunch of fellow videogame nerds at the club though?
  5. Explains why they don't frequent this forum. You gotta be able to communicate with females here to get into it aka like a club.

    If I was recruiting I would go to more social sites than video game ones so the new members can fit in.
  6. lol did you read that blog at all man? That's a chick. Her screen name on here is Brittany G

    Now ask yourself that question again, 'When's the last time you seen fellow videogame nerds who are also hot chicks at the club?'

  7. How many other hot chicks are in that site? ;)
  8. There are plenty actually.
  9. Hot chicks? Or just females?
  10. Wait, which site are you talking about? I'm talking about 1up.
  11. Im talking about 1up. If they had a good bit of hot females or just average chicks?
  12. Oh my God lookit this ***** :dead:




    Posted: February 23, 2013
    I know all you 1up users are sad to see the site go, but I for one am not. Now that bastard of a son wiont have no place to go on the internet since every other site *****ing hates him (more). This is good news for me now maybe he'll get a *****ing job, and stop stealing my money. THAT *****ING ASSHOLE! Though i doubt it he'll probably just go to another site to hit on the underage girls there. Why isn't that fat ***** in jail instead of eating my food. GOD *****ING DAMMIT!!

    Well anyways here's a message to Daron,





  13. We should all join and post links to 8th.us... Not like it matters if we get banned :lol:
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  14. Nah you don't have to. I'm only banned for a couple days.
  15. Ok... But I'm ready for action :yes:
  16. I'll be promoting this place like crazy when I'm out of work. Gotta get my geek-chic crew to come over. I promise they're cuties! :3
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  17. Oh thanks! The closest we have to a videogame section though is The Rec Room. Hitting the games prefix shows all the videogame threads. It's not exactly 1up but it's good enough for us I guess.
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  18. Bookmarking. Good to know! *^_^*
  19. It looks like closing 1up.com has backfired on Ziff-Davis because instead of joining which is also owned by Ziff-Davis IGN they are going to other sites.
  20. *happy panda* IGN is too large for my tastes... and they take bribes for good reviews. No bueno. x(
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